Living Autism Out Loud, LLC (LAOL) was founded with the goal of decreasing and eventually eliminating cultural barriers that Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) (parents) face when accessing services and supports for their children with Autism and/or Intellectual Developmental Disabilities. 

By including the “parent voice” in professional support and services, LAOL focuses on improving family and provider partnership through culturally responsive training, curriculum development; in person and online presentations and parent lead panel discussions.

Where Service Providers and Parents of Color Develop Culturally Sustaining Partnerships


To provide culturally responsive trainings and culturally responsive curriculum development to human service agencies, educational institutions and service providers.

Our aim is to reduce and eventually eliminate barriers  that BIPOC families  face when accessing services for their children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and/or Intellectual Developmental



Our mission is to safe guard families of children with ASD and/or intellectual developmental disabilities against discriminatory

treatment when accessing services such as education, medical, dental, and  behavioral health.

Our focus is on communities that have been historically marginalized, oppressed and often devalued. We address these discriminatory practices by training service providers on how to engage with and support BIPOC families of children with autism and/or IDD using culturally responsive practices. 

 Our services include: culturally responsive curriculum development, in person and online presentations, training, and parent lead panel discussions.  

Our services are designed for services  providers who are actively working to address and eventually eradicate discretionary practices, microaggressions and inequities in their organizations.


Living Autism Out Loud, LLC envisions a space where BIPOC families of children with ASD and other intellectual developmental disabilities are seen as valuable members of society.

Valuable members who are worthy of accessing services that will promote growth; improve quality of life and  provide long term gains without barriers.


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Thank you so much for so candidly sharing your story as a mother of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I could sympathize with several of the topics/issues you brought up during your presentation, but yet your experience as a single parent and a woman of color takes the parenting of a child with special needs to a different level of challenges. Thank you for creating the awareness needed to change our system/culture for the better. You are doing an awesome job!
​Listening to stories like yours make me feel hopeful that we can change the world for our special needs kids a little at a time, so they can live their best lives.

-B Stelzer, M.S.

Danyale is a gifted communicator of the “lived experience” of a parent of color, highlighting the specific cultural needs of BIPOC children and families that are too often overlooked or poorly understood by providers and the system as a whole.  Her perspective and insights are a gift to BIPOC parents and service providers alike, offering a personal perspective that is supported by solid and trustworthy research. The universe of autism is enriched by this critically important conversation. 


I really enjoyed the presentation at the fall conference, it was definitely one of the highlights for me! Your presentation gave me deeper insights into how differently the processes we go through each day can be viewed by parents and how I can better reach out to parents and partner with them. I’ve found myself thinking about what you shared as I prepare for many of the parent meetings I’ve attended since.

– K. Millman

First, I want to thank you so much for everything you shared today! You were a wealth of information both about disability and advice for up-and-coming doctors/healthcare providers and also from the perspective of being a Black mother raising a son on the autism spectrum and the additional challenges and concerns and barriers that you face because of this.

J. Amsbary, PhD

I have had the pleasure of co-instructing a master’s course on families and teams with Danyale for two course sessions thus far. Danyale is an amazing presenter. Whether she is sharing her personal experiences or teaching about models for effective, culturally responsive family partnerships, I have witnessed students engaging with undivided attention. Danyale is open, honest, and brilliant in her presentation style and in her ability to address even the most difficult questions. I strongly recommend Danyale as a highly effective and impactful presenter and storyteller.